The Personal is Political

In instances of oppression brought about by political figures, of course the political is personal.

This is for all institutionalized forms of oppression. That is to say, if you’re not cis, white, male, able-bodied, straight, and rich, this is for you.

It’s so frustrating – SO frustrating  – when someone tells me they hate politics. That they don’t want to get involved in politics, that they ignore it if they can. Because you can’t! Unless you’re as privileged as the example I’ve already stated, politics are literally always affecting you.

I can only speak from my place as a woman (and a queer, but this isn’t about that right now) but hearing women who are just so ignorant about the political climate of today, so unknowing of every injustice that faces them… it breaks my heart.

Of course I don’t want them to suffer, as I suffer, with the knowledge of how unfair everything is. Yes, they’re happier not knowing how bad things are, but them not knowing is so damaging! To themselves and to the greater public.

Putting aside how damaging internalized sexism is to women (that’s its own post), do you know how many women I know who tell me they’re voting for Trump? An alarming amount.

This isn’t about Trump’s economic policies or his Islamophobia or his wall, although those things are important: simply put, Trump hates women.

He hates women. Rape accusations from his ex-wife, stating on the record he would have sex with his own daughter, shaming Hillary Clinton for using the bathroom and other, countless instances where this man has proved how little he values half of this country’s population.

Watch Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s what a Trump administration looks like.

And there are women who want to vote for him. Because they don’t know, they don’t realize? Because they value themselves that little? Because they’re doing what they were told?

So no, you can’t separate yourself from politics because being a woman – just existing in the world as a woman – is a political statement. Every time we have to pay a luxury tax for basic sanitary products, every time we pick an outfit for the day, every time we fall in love, it’s a statement either for or against the system of rules put in place by society. Some people fight that by accident, living the only way they can and having it take on a significance they never expected. Some people set out to watch it burn, witnessing the unfairness in those around them and biting off a piece for themselves just to spit it back in everyone’s face. But there will be a point in every woman’s life where she has to make a political decision. Are you going to let it come to you or go to it?




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