White Feminism

Jessie Maggio has already touched on this in her previous post, but I wanted to go a bit more in depth because I think a lot of people have a skewed perception of what white feminism actually is.

What white feminism is NOT:

  • a white woman who is a feminist
  • inclusive
  • intersectional
  • helpful to anyone other than white women

What white feminism IS:

  • a “feminist” who’s only focus is on empowering white women
  • detrimental to women of color and every other marginalized group
  • exlusionary
  • only looking at issues in the perspective of a more priveleged position

There is actually a long history of racism in feminism and white feminism perpetuates that. It ignores the struggles of everyone except straight white females, and once they achieve what they want to, they leave it at that and don’t advocate for other intersections in any way. There are many representations of white feminism going on now with popular public figures, and it is completely detrimental to the strides that women of color have made in the recent past. I urge that you all look closer at your ideologies and make sure they match that of the feminist figures you look toward for guidance. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!



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