Jessie Brokenshire


This is a picture of me, so you have a face for the name. I’ll be posting under the sign-off JB.

I’m a third year student at Kutztown University; I am a social work major with one minor in psychology and a second minor in women and gender studies. I volunteer at a domestic violence shelter in Reading, PA, and I present seminars on healthy relationships and sexual violence in classrooms at my school.

I have a wide variety of interests when it comes to social justice, as you’ll see, and I am a very passionate person. Jessie Maggio and I have been best friends since age four, so it’s only fitting that we share a blog. We have both been wondering about good ways to get more immersed in advocating for social justice, and we decided that blogging would be a great way to get our feet wet.

Since this is the first time that either of us have run a public blog, give us a little time to get the hang of things, please! We appreciate the opportunity to get our point across on such a platform and hope that our readers enjoy!



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