Welcome to our pet project. ‘Our’ being My, Jessie Maggio, and my cohort’s, Jessie Brokenshire. This is OUR way of getting our thoughts on paper.

Or on screen, as the case may be.

Here we strive to promote equality for all genders, races, sexual orientations, religious creeds, and everything else. If you’re living and breathing, we support you.

Just starting out, we’re probably just going to be screaming into the void. Social Justice rants, anecdotes, complaints, and general anger with some hard facts and sources to justify our rage.

There will probably be some good junk, like major victories or touchy-feely encounters we may have, but this is a place for us to keep all of our political/social arguments in one place.

We go to different schools so we won’t be together to post too often, so look out for our sign-offs to see who it was doing the typing. (JM or JB)

With the election coming up, we will have no shortage of content, but we probably won’t have a regular posting schedule. So just keep your head up and enjoy the ride!

-JM (with JB sitting literally right next to me)


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