And the other one.

MY FACE!baby's breath

Yes, I am always wearing those sunglasses.

So hi! Jessie Maggio. I’m the JM on this little adventure.

I’m a graduating senior from Penn State University (counting down the days, y’all) with a major in English. I couldn’t decide what to minor in. I’m the English Department’s first ever Social Media intern and I have a short story in my school’s student literary magazine so blog posting is nothing new to me. This collaboration with Jessie was her brain child and I’m just here to lend verbiage and fire to her flame of passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as into all this crap as she is, but she’s an academic. I’m just an amateur.

I’m a part time barista at Starbucks so I’m very familiar with spilling tea (bad dum tss) so please forgive me if I come off as harsh and crude. Still getting a grasp on nuance when it comes to social justice.

Until I post again!




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